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Nougat au jaune d'oeuf
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Turron with egg yolk 200 gr.
Nougat au jaune d'oeuf Gourmet 200 gr. - Cuisine d'espagne
€8,50 €8,90€34,00 / kg
Gourmet egg yolk nougat 250 gr.
Nougat au coco - Cuisine d'Espagne - The last bellota
Gâteau au nougat d'Alicante 150 gr. - Cuisine d'Espagne
€3,50 €23,33 / kg
Alicante nougat cake 150 gr.
Sachet de Massepain ( Mazapan) - Cuisine d'Espagne
€3,00 €2,00 / 100g
Bag of Marzipan (Mazapan)
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An explosion of flavors and sweets

Immerse yourself in the world of Spanish nougats and let yourself be transported by an experience of authentic flavors. Originating from the Spanish region of Jijona , Spanish nougats, known as " turron ", are a true staple of Spanish gastronomy.

Turon esp
Made from quality ingredients such as almonds , honey, sugar , chocolate , peanuts , walnuts , and cream , Spanish nougats are renowned for their chewy texture and deliciously sweet taste.
Each bite is a true invitation to a taste journey, offering a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

From the sweetness of almond nougats to the intensity of chocolate nougats, there is an endless variety of flavors to discover. Some nougats are even decorated with candied fruits or other gourmet ingredients for even more pleasure.
turrón nougat
Whether you enjoy them as a dessert, as an accompaniment to coffee or as a special gift for your loved ones, Spanish nougats will delight your taste buds and offer you a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. Immerse yourself in this sweet and traditional world and let yourself be seduced by the sweetness of these Spanish biscuits.

What is the origin and manufacture of Spanish nougat?

Turron or Spanish nougat is a traditional Spanish confectionery made from honey, almonds and sugar. It is a very popular Christmas specialty in Spain, although it can be found all year round. There are two families of nougat: hard nougat (turron duro) and soft nougat (turron blando).
Hard turrón is prepared by mixing toasted almonds with boiled honey and caramelized sugar, then letting it cool and harden. The result is a solid, crunchy turrón bar that is usually cut into small pieces for serving.
Soft turrón is made in the same way, but the preparation is different: after mixing the ingredients, beaten egg whites are added to obtain a softer texture. The result is a softer, easier-to-eat turrón bar.
nougat origin
Turron originates from the Spanish region of Alicante, but the origins date back to the Muslim era of Spain, around the 8th and 9th centuries.
Its recipe has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. It is now produced throughout Spain and is also exported throughout the world. The turrones sector is a large food sector in Spain, with large companies such as turon delaviuda, turron viçens or turrones Castillo de Jijona. Turrón is usually made from almonds, honey and egg whites. It may also contain sugar, and sometimes hazelnuts or other nuts. Turron is often considered a luxury treat due to its high content of almonds, which are quite expensive. There are also many varieties of turrón, some containing dried fruit, chocolate, cream or other ingredients added to vary the flavors.
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We are committed to the authenticity of traditional artisanal nougat. In our online store you can discover an exquisite variety of Christmas tourrone specialties, offering the best selection of artisanal products of exceptional quality. The purchase is made quickly.

Browse our online store and find assortments of nougat at competitive prices for purchase, with the possibility of fast delivery. Buying your nougat online is done in just a few clicks, by simply adding your choices to the basket.

Our nougat, made in Spain, is made from carefully selected raw materials, and our range includes a whole variety of traditional nougats. Among our best creations, discover traditional nougat with crunchy almonds, nougat with melting almonds, creamy egg yolk, as well as chocolate or peanut-based options. We also offer a range of nougat biscuits.

On our site you can find two quality types of Spanish nougat for purchase:

- Premium quality with attractive prices that would be the Turrones Suprema. There is a large assortment: Alicante, de Jijona, with eggs, with cream, with peanuts and coconut.

- Higher premium quality with a higher price but an unmissable flavor. For this quality we find Jijona, Alicante and egg yolk.

Castillo Jijona

A renowned brand

Frequently asked questions

Turrones, nougats, nougats or others are made from a paste made from almonds, water, honey and sugar. This traditional recipe of Spanish cuisine has evolved over time, and currently other ingredients are incorporated such as nuts, peanuts, chocolate, egg or cream.

These cookies or cakes are mainly eaten at Christmas and offered in batches or "lotes".

Be careful not to confuse it with another Spanish product: polvorones. Turrones and polvorones are not the same dessert. Polvorones are more like biscuits, while turrones are nougats. This product is based on honey, almond or even peanuts. It can be soft with almonds like the Jijona turron or also hard with almonds like the Alicante turron.

Depending on the person's taste and opinion, it can be a different nougat. The price also affects the quality and taste of the product.

Our opinion is that the best turrones are the traditional Alicante turron which is hard and the traditional Jijona turron which is soft.

The egg-based one (Yema) and the peanut one are increasingly well-known.

Our stock is located in France near Perpignan. There are several types of delivery: Delivery can be fast (24 hours) or delivery to a relay point. We work with Mondial relay or Chronopost, but if the customer wants delivery with a company, do not hesitate to contact us. No out of stock before Christmas.

The product can be sent in a Christmas batch or corporate batch (baskets). You can prepare an assortment of unique products to have a good flavor. The price will adapt according to the quantity and products requested.

Delivery can be done throughout France and Europe. The price will be calculated based on the type of service and country. For delivery outside the EU, contact us.

Nougat is very easy to store. Honey being one of the main ingredients of the product helps in its preservation.

Once opened, leave in the refrigerator. It is advisable to take it out 30 minutes before to enjoy it. If it is Alicante turrón, remember to make it 40 minutes before to taste its flavor.

To taste a Spanish nougat or Spanish nougat, you must first differentiate whether it is an Alicante or Jijona nougat. If it's made with almonds, honey, chocolate, nuts, peanuts, creams or egg. Depending on the recipe and the flavor of the product, it can be combined with other dishes of Spanish cuisine. Try not to mix the different nougats and drink a glass of water in between, especially if it is a soft nougat. Because otherwise your opinion on this traditional nougat will not be the same.

What type of drink to accompany nougat or turrón?

Our advice is to enjoy the nougat with white wine or water. However, depending on the nougat, if it is alicante, jijona, egg yolks, the drink may be different.

Normally nougat or turron do not have gluten, because it is not necessary to use it for its production. However, some big brands or factories may have traces in their products. In our case, we work with Castillo de Jijona which produces products with gluten free certificate.

Nougat from Alicante Gourmet 250 gr.

€9,50 €38,00 / kg
€9,50 €38,00 / kg

Sweet and delicate sensations are available to you with Alicante Gourmet Nougat. Savor exceptional delicacies, made with the finest ingredients, enriched with a harmonious blend of almonds, honey and sugar. An explosion of flavors for the greatest delicacies. Protected geographical indications. Classic and artisanal variety whose origin, production and ingredients acquire the greatest importance.

INGREDIENTS : Toasted almond (67%), sugar, honey (11%), glucose-fructose syrup, egg white, wafer* (potato starch, sunflower oil).

Bag of 250 grams