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How to choose your garnished basket?

Before offering a gift box, you must establish the budget you want to spend. On our site, you will find gift boxes at an economical price (less than 20 euros), gift boxes at an average price (20 euros to 50 euros) and more premium gift boxes (at a price of more than 50 euros).

To choose your gift box, you also need to think about what types of products you want.
Sweet products like chocolate, nougat or honey?
Charcuterie products or wine? The choice of assortment will depend on the tastes of the person for whom you are buying this box.

Before buying a basket, you must try to find out if the person has allergies or intolerances, to customize your gourmet basket
Also, important factors such as age or religion can be taken into consideration.

If the person practices a religion where we do not consume seafood, pork, or alcohol, choose different baskets, or ask to make a personalized basket.

If the person is elderly, try to choose products that are not too hard to chew.

Even if there is no perfect gourmet basket, we can try to give you a moment of pleasure.
Our selection of products to make a perfect basket would be as follows:
White wine or sangria
ORGANIC chocolate
Assortment of nougats
Grocery products like Pimenton de la vera or alioli sauce
Truffle olive oil (an explosion of flavors)
ORGANIC olive oil (perfect for tasting Spanish specialties)

Classic basket Nº4


1 bottle of Lolea red sangria 20CL
1 sachet of 100% Bellota chorizo
1 luxury truffle fuet
1 bottle of Reserva Familiar olive oil 250ML
1 can of Octopus in olive oil
1 smoked alioli sauce
1 Jerez vinegar
1 bottle of smoked olive oil
1 bottle of truffle oil
1 box of saffron 1gr.
1 Jijona Premium Nougat
1 can of piquillo peppers
1 can of Arbequina olives
1 Mixed paella
1 box of Vera picant paprika


Frequently Asked Questions

A gourmet basket, gift box, garnished basket, Christmas basket, a wishlist, or even an assortment of products is a box filled with products and specialties which are normally offered at Christmas, but which can be offered for a party or for a birthday .

Normally in these filled baskets, you will find an assortment of products and specialties such as chocolate, champagne, beers, wines (red, white, rosé), and even organic.

There are different types of gourmet baskets depending on the region and country. In the west of France you will find baskets with wines, truffles, duck, liver, terrines, honey, etc. In Italy, it will be pasta. While on our site you can find boxes filled with lots of products from Spain, red wine, organic, grocery products, cold meats, wines, organic honey, and others
sweets and flavors of Spain at a reduced price. Pleasure is guaranteed.

First of all, you will find quality local specialties. In wines, you will find an assortment of red, white and rosé. For sweets, you will find a gourmet tasting of sweets thanks to nougats, ORGANIC chocolates, ORGANIC honey and other Spanish specialties. And in the grocery section, you will find products for aperitifs, for cooking typical Spanish dishes
at home, like paella or pulpo a la gallega.

All our products are in stock in France and are prepared upon receipt of the order. Delivery can be at a relay point or at home. Also available for a higher price, delivery within 24 hours, or free delivery in mainland France to a relay point from 35 euros. For corporate baskets, there is the possibility of customizable delivery.

Our boxes are prepared with a selection of the best products from Spain, and our boxes are adapted to support delivery.

The delivery time is the same whether in Paris, Provence or the West.

Before knowing if gift boxes can be interesting for your business, know that there are three ways to use them.

The first way to use a gift box is to offer it to employees during the holidays, at Christmas. It's details like that that improve cohesion within the company.

The second option for using a garnished basket is to offer it to employees during a particular important event. A birth, an arrival, a retirement, etc.

The third option for using a garnished box is to offer it to your best customers. This can be used as a goodwill gesture during Christmas, or another special occasion for your customers.

Our different gourmet baskets

Discover our business baskets, designed to meet all your business gifting and appreciation needs. With a carefully chosen selection of quality products, our baskets provide a unique and memorable experience for your customers, employees and business partners.

Whether you want to thank your loyal customers, reward your high-performing employees or strengthen your business relationships, our business baskets are the ideal solution. Each basket is made up of a variety of exquisite items, such as gourmet delights, healthy snacks, fine wines, premium beauty products or even stylish office accessories.

We understand the importance of personalizing your corporate gifts to convey your brand image and impress your recipients. That's why we offer flexible customization options, from adding your logo on packaging to creating tailor-made baskets according to your preferences and budget.

Trust our expertise in corporate baskets and let us help you create unforgettable moments for your professional relationships. Contact us today to discover our full range of baskets and give a gift that is sure to make a splash.

A corporate gift box

The corporate gift box can be offered to customers, suppliers or employees for the Christmas party.

Also it is an interesting gift for your sales teams. You can create challenges in the different departments of the company and offer a discovery box of Spain.

All our gourmet baskets are 100% customizable, from the first unit. We can also make several boxes for the same company depending on allergies or intolerances to adapt and please all your employees.

In addition, you can also add an envelope from your thank you company or other. Our goal is for the garnished basket to be an ideal gift!

The average price of a gourmet basket varies depending on the size of the company and resources.

For a company with less than 50 employees, you can start with an average basket of €50. For a company with more than 50 employees, you can start with an average basket of €40. The prices on the site are prices for individuals and with VAT included.

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