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How to differentiate olive oil?

Premium olive oils are often labeled with certifications of origin or appellation. For example, an extra virgin olive oil certified as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) is guaranteed to have been produced in a specific region according to strict standards.

There are several types of olive oils, including extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, and regular olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the purest and most sought after, obtained from a first cold pressing.

From there, you can also expand with other products and have other choices. We will talk about variety, origin, PDO, organic, fruity, types of olives and olive trees, acidic or flavored taste, chili pepper, lemon, black truffle, etc.

Olive oils can vary in flavor, from fruity to tangy to bitter. Higher quality extra virgin olive oil generally has a more complex taste and richer aromas. There is a selection of very popular products such as truffle olive oil, smoked olive oil, or basil olive oil. Be careful to protect the oil from sudden changes in temperature. It is recommended to purchase products in bottles or cans to preserve the natural taste and aromas of the product.

Quality olive oils often display the harvest date on the packaging. Fresher oils tend to have a more intense flavor and better nutritional quality.

The olive tree harvest is done at the end of the year or the beginning of the year. As soon as the harvest is done and the vintage is filled, the preparation of the products begins.

Different regions produce olive oils with distinct taste characteristics. Mediterranean regions, such as Spain, Italy, and Greece, are known for their quality olive oils.

In France, we find quality oil in Provence or Corsica but these two AOP produce very little quantity for French consumption.

Be careful with products from the Maghreb, because even if we find very good olive trees and olive oils there, sometimes we do not know the mixtures made with different olives, which can harm the quality and taste and increase the acids. .

Quality olive oils are usually sold in tinted glass bottles or opaque containers to protect the oil from light and oxygen, which can alter its quality. Choose glass cans or bottles. Once purchased and brought home, it is best to keep it in the dark for as long as possible, especially if it is PET bottles, as they degrade very quickly.

High-quality extra virgin olive oils tend to be more expensive due to the more rigorous production and processing methods.

Olive oils from countries like Italy or France tend to be more expensive than those from Spain or Greece.

Be careful to look closely at the origin of the olives. If it says EU origin, or non-EU origin, it is a mixture of olives.

If you're really passionate about olive oil, you can embark on tasting sessions to identify the subtle differences between different brands and varieties.

What is the right price for olive oil?

The average price of olive oil can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as quality, geographic origin, type of olive oil, and location of purchase. Here is a general estimate of price ranges for different types of olive oil

Extra virgin olive oils generally the highest quality and premium are expensive due to their strict production methods and exceptional taste.

The price can vary from 10 to 30 euros (or more) for a 500 ml bottle, depending on the origin and reputation of the brand.

Check the AOP of the product and if it is ORGANIC. In this case the price may be slightly higher.

Virgin olive oils are generally priced slightly lower than extra virgin, but they can still be relatively expensive depending on the selection of olives. The average price is between 7 and 15 euros for a 500 ml bottle.

Choose a glass bottle or bottle and, for large quantities, a metal container.

Refined olive oils are often less expensive because they undergo a refining process that can alter the natural flavor of the product.

The price can be around 4 to 10 euros for a 500 ml bottle.

Regular or blended olive oils tend to be the least expensive due to their lower qualities and less rigorous production method.

The price can vary from 3 to 7 euros for a 500 ml bottle.

We tend to think that organic olive oil is synonymous with flavor, aromas, aromatic, fruity, etc.

But be careful to distinguish between organic olive oils with a renowned PDO like Provence or a recognized brand that has won awards like Can Oliva, and organic olive oil of dubious provenance.

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