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Serrano ham


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Jambon Serrano - Cuisine d'Espagne
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Serrano ham

How to differentiate hams?

Spanish hams are famous around the world for their quality, flavor and variety. There are different varieties of Spanish hams, each with distinct characteristics in terms of taste, texture and production process. Pork designation, AOC, maturing, months of maturing raw ham, good ham, pig, drying, vacuum, maturation, reserve, Iberian, Iberian pork, Bellota, acorns, cebo de campo, Serrano, etc. How do you end up with so many words? Here are the main differences between the most famous hams:

Origin : Mainly produced in the regions of Andalusia and Extremadura.
Diet : Iberian pigs are raised free-range in vast pastures and feed mainly on acorn (bellota), which gives a rich and complex flavor to the meat.
Texture and taste : The meat is marbled with intramuscular fat, which gives it a tender texture. Its taste is intense, deep and slightly sweet

Origin : Also produced mainly in the regions of Andalusia and Extremadura.
Diet : The pigs are raised in semi-freedom and eat a diet of cereals and legumes,
as well as herbs and acorns.
Texture and taste : The meat is less marbled than Bellota ham, but it retains an intense and characteristic flavor.

Origin : Produced in different regions.
Diet : Pigs are fed mainly grains and legumes and live indoors.
Texture and taste : The meat has a firmer texture and less pronounced flavor than Bellota and Cebo de Campo hams.

Origin : Produced in different regions of the Iberian Peninsula, notably in Castile and Aragon.
Diet : The pigs are fed cereals and legumes and live indoors.
Texture and taste: Serrano ham has a firmer texture than Iberian hams and a milder, slightly salty flavor.

What is a good price for ham?

There is no right or wrong price, prices vary depending on the type of ham, the time of year and its quality.

As for 100% Bellota, the price per kilo can vary between €60 and €400. However this price is for a whole piece. If we add hand cutting, packaging and transport, this can increase quickly. Then there are other factors that can increase the price, such as the reputation of the product and the prices it has obtained. DR1855 Ham is one of the best hams. In the year 2022 they received the silver medal for the best Bellota ham 2022 from Les Pedroches. (Encina de Plata al mejor Jamón de Bellota 2022. Denominación de Origen Los Pedroches).

For cebo de campo ham, the price can vary between €30 and €300. This will also be influenced by whether it is 100% Iberian, 75% or 50%. For the cebo, it may have a slightly lower price.

As for Serrano ham, the price per kilo can be much lower and even reach 15€/kilo.

Our Iberian charcuterie embodies the gastronomic heritage of Spain, an ancestral tradition that combines passion, know-how and quality. Each of our products is the result of a meticulous and artisanal process, preserving production methods that have been perfected over generations. The attention to detail and the constant quest for taste perfection are reflected in each slice, each piece.
In this collection you can enjoy 100% Iberian and Bellota charcuterie. Pata negra ham, chorizo, lomo, sausage. You will also find fuet, a Catalan specialty very well known in Catalonia.
and around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pata negra refers to 100% Iberian pigs, which are characterized by having black pasta.

But, there are white pigs, like Duroc hams which have black legs, but are not 100% Iberian breed and therefore "pata negra". And also there are 100% Iberian breed pigs which do not have black legs.

Bellota hams are 100% Iberian pigs whose diet is based on grass and acorns in the montanera phase.

There are several products that can be Bellota and 100% Iberico, such as ham, lomo, chorizo ​​and even sausage.

We can consider a Bellota ham as a pata negra, but we must be careful not to focus on the color of the pork but on the origin and the diet.

Buying a whole ham will always be more advantageous in price, if our consumption is high. However, it is necessary to know how to cut the ham well and store it perfectly so as not to lose quality.

For consumers who prefer it, the vacuum bag option with hand-cut slices can be a very good option.

DR1855 is one of the most prestigious houses in Spain. At the height of cinco jotas or jamones sanchez.

Breeding is done while respecting the well-being of the pigs and preserving the tradition of breeding.

This house offers different options depending on the consumer and not only ham but also shoulders (paleta), lomo, chorizo ​​and sausage.

For tasting, our advice is to accompany it with Spanish appellation wines such as a Grillo Somali red wine or a Raón Bilbao Rioja red wine.

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