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Sangria Blanche mini Spritz - Cuisine d'Espagne
LOLEA - N°1, ROUGE 75CL - Cuisine d'espagne
€11,95 €12,50€15,93 / l
Sangria Blanche Spritz - Cuisine d'Espagne
€12,50 €16,67 / l
LOLEA - N°3, BRUT 75CL - Cuisine d'espagne
€14,50 €19,33 / l
Sangria Rosé Spritz - Cuisine d'Espagne
€14,90 €19,87 / l
Vin 12 lunas rosé Somontano 0,75L - Cuisine d'Espagne - The last bellota
Vin 12 Lunas Blanc Somontano
Vin Grillo Somontano
€35,90 €47,87 / l
Grillo Somontano Wine 0.75 L
Vin 12 Lunas Garnachas 2021 Somontano
Vin 12 lunas tinto Somontano 0,75L - Cuisine d'Espagne - The last bellota
Vin Peralada 5 finques 2017 0,75 L - Cuisine d'espagne
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Sangria Lolea

Lolea is a Spanish sangria brand that has quickly made a name for itself with its high-quality prepared sangria bottles, recognizable by their retro and elegant design.

The best sangria in the world?

Lolea is proud of its Spanish origins and strives to capture the essence of Spanish culture in its sangrias. The ingredients and flavors are chosen to reflect the festive and friendly atmosphere of the Spanish regions where sangria is a traditional drink.

Sangria lolea is a Spanish alcohol which is currently sold in many countries such as France and Italy. This sangria is different from other products found in the supermarket. It is a unique drink with citrus notes that can be combined with white, red, rosé or brut cava wine.

Lolea offers a diverse range of sangria flavors to satisfy different palates. You can find white, red and rosé sangrias, each with unique combinations of fruits and spices and even frizzante.

You will also find raw cava sangria and ORGANIC sangria at a slightly higher price than red sangria.

Lolea bottles are instantly recognizable thanks to their distinctive design. They are decorated with artistic patterns and bright colors reminiscent of posters from the Spanish Belle Époque, which adds a touch of charm to the brand.

This glass bottle is reusable and can be closed. It can be reused with water or other alcohol.

Lolea emphasizes the use of quality ingredients to create sangrias balanced in flavor. Fresh fruits, quality wine and spices are used to achieve an authentic taste experience. Even if the recipe and the AOP of the wines are not known, some say that we find vino rioja in the red and vino Cabernet or sauvignon in the white.

Lolea sangrias are ready to drink, making them convenient for those occasions when you want to enjoy delicious sangria without having to prepare the whole mixture yourself. Simply pour the sangria into a glass with ice cubes and perhaps a few pieces of fresh fruit for an extra touch.

Lolea aims to embody the festive and joyful spirit of sangria. Whether for an outdoor party, picnic, barbecue or simply relaxing with friends, Lolea seeks to add a touch of celebration to every moment.

Frequently asked questions

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The stock is already in France, which allows faster shipping. Delivery is within 24 hours or 3/4 days. Delivery is free to relay points from 50 euros in mainland France.

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Sangria is a drink that contains alcohol. Information and details containing ingredients and alcohol content are located behind bottles. We remain at 7% on average.

Sangria Lolea remains, in the opinion of most consumers, one of the most remarkable brands. Due to the design of the bottles, the selection of quality products and its different tastes, it is a bottle well consumed in Spain.

However, due to the quality of its product and the bottle it uses, it has a higher price than other sangria brands.

It is a unique product, with 5 different versions.

Nº1: Red: The best known version of sangria. This is made from red “vino”. The bottles are red with white dots.

Nº2: Blanc or blanca: Very popular version of sangria. This is made from white “vino”. The bottles are white with red dots.

Nº3: Brut: Little-known version of sangria. This is made from raw Spanish cava. The drinks are white with gold specks.

Nº4: Rose: Very popular summer version of sangria. This one is made with rosé “vino” and ginger, with a frizzante touch. The drinks are pink with white dots.

Nº5: ORGANIC Red: ORGANIC version of sangria. This is made from organic red wines. The drinks are black with red dots.

Compared to consumption, the French consume more red and white sangria (in summer).

In the typical Spanish version, you can add citrus fruits such as: orange, lemon or tangerine slices.

It is also interesting to serve the product very cold or to add ice cubes.

Be careful not to add other alcohol such as whiskey, gin, vodka or rum, because this product remains a product of unique selection and quality.