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Ensaimada de crème - Cuisine d'Espagne
Ensaimada de sobrasada - Cuisine d'Espagne
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Ensaimada of sobrasada
Ensaimada de chocolat - Cuisine d'Espagne
Ensaimada de Mazapan - Cuisine d'Espagne
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A different brioche...

perfect as a dessert, aperitif or breakfast.

made by one of the best bakeries in the Balearic Islands.

Ensaimadas from Mallorca

Mallorca ensaimadas are much more than just a pastry, they embody a culinary tradition deeply rooted in the history and culture of this magnificent Spanish island. Originally from Majorca, ensaimadas have conquered palates around the world
thanks to their deliciously light texture and their inimitable flavor.

Spiralized delights, tender and slightly crispy on the inside, offering a subtle flavor that invites you to grab them, savor them with a radiant smile, a little sugar on the lips, accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea , while dreaming of the gentle waves of the Mediterranean and its dazzling light.

Ingredients and Preparation:

The basic ingredients for ensaimadas include flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and of course, lard. This unique combination gives ensaimadas their characteristic flaky texture and subtly sweet taste. The dough is gently kneaded, allowed to rise, then stretched by hand before being rolled into a spiral.

The most common version of individual ensaïmadas is the smooth ensaïmada, free of any additives except for a light touch of sprinkled icing sugar. On the other hand, those intended for several guests are often garnished in different ways: They
can also be decorated with toppings such as apricots, chocolate, turrón, etc.

The ensaïmada often becomes an iconic souvenir that travelers bring back to their loved ones after exploring the island. It is extremely difficult to find it elsewhere due to the artisanal nature of its production and the use of local ingredients.

How to choose your ensaimada?

For most of the inhabitants of the Balearic Islands, the angel hair ensaimada is the real ensaimada, the traditional one. But if you've never tasted angel hair pasta (spaghetti squash), perhaps choose a more classic ensaimada. The ensaimada lisa or plain will have the taste of Balearic brioche, while one with sobressade will combine the 2 specialties of the Islands. Namely, sobressade and Ensaimada.

In any case, you have a wide choice of products for all members of the family.