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Discover Somontano Wine: A Spanish Wine Treasure

Apr 25, 2023

Somontano wine is one of Spain's hidden treasures. Nestled in the northeastern region of Aragon, the Somontano vineyard is renowned for its wines of exceptional quality, combining tradition and modernity. With its unique terroir, its diversity of grape varieties and its ancestral wine-making know-how, Somontano has carved out a place of choice among the great wine-growing regions of the world. In this article, we invite you to discover the history, characteristics and iconic wines of this remarkable wine region.

History of Somontano:

The wine-growing history of Somontano dates back to Roman times, but it was in the Middle Ages that vine cultivation took off thanks to the influence of Cistercian monks. The latter brought their knowledge and winemaking techniques, thus laying the foundations of a solid winemaking tradition. Over the centuries, the region has seen periods of prosperity and decline, but it was in the 1980s that Somontano truly regained its glory thanks to a wine renaissance.

Terroir and Climate:

The Somontano terroir is diverse, with a topography marked by valleys, hills and mountains. The vineyards are located at altitudes ranging from 350 to 600 meters, thus benefiting from a continental climate with Mediterranean influences. The soils are mainly limestone, rich in minerals and well drained, providing ideal conditions for growing vines.

Grape varieties:

Somontano is renowned for its diversity of grape varieties, ranging from local to international varieties. Dominant red grape varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo and Syrah. As for the white grape varieties, we find Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc. Somontano winemakers have been able to creatively exploit these grape varieties to produce unique wines that express the personality of the region.

Emblematic Wines:

Somontano offers a wide range of quality wines, from young and fresh wines to complex wines for aging. Signature wines include "Somontano Reserva", an elegant red wine aged in oak barrels, offering aromas of ripe fruit and notes of vanilla and spices. The "Secastilla" is another jewel of Somontano, produced from old Syrah vines, with intense concentration and silky tannins. White wines such as "Enate Chardonnay 234" impress with their freshness, complexity and balance.

Wine tourism:

The Somontano region also offers unforgettable wine tourism experiences. Many wineries open their doors to visitors, offering guided tours of the vineyards and cellars, as well as wine tastings. You will be able to discover the secrets of winemaking and taste the different expressions of Somontano while admiring the enchanting landscapes of the region.


Somontano wine is a Spanish wine treasure that deserves to be discovered. With its exceptional terroir, its diversity of grape varieties and its winemaking know-how inherited from generations, Somontano has carved out a place of choice on the international wine scene. Whether you are a lover of red wines or white wines, Somontano has wines of exceptional quality in store for you that will amaze your taste buds. So, let yourself be seduced by the captivating wines of Somontano and set off to discover this remarkable wine region.

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