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Ham myths and legends

Nov 27, 2022

What are the myths and legends of Ham?

Iberian pigs only eat acorns.

As you guessed, depending on the diet of Iberian pigs, we can find different types of Iberian hams: Cebo, Cebo de Campo, 100% Iberian, etc. Pigs also eat grass, graze on live oaks, forage, etc.
If the pig feeds on natural pastures, aromatic herbs and acorns in nature, it will be a 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham. On the other hand, the Cebo de Campo is fed only with animal feed and natural pastures as a supplement and the Cebo Ibérico only with feed composed of cereals and legumes.

The best ham is the one that comes from the left legs.

There is no real difference in taste between the two thighs, they are normally identical.

Ham from female pigs is of better quality.

In reality you should know that male pigs are castrated so that hormones do not influence the product.

Why Pata Negra Ham..

We often talk about Pata Negra, but why is it known like that? It is because of the black hooves of the Iberian pig, which are characteristic of this breed. However, we recommend looking at the ankle area of ​​the leg. This area is usually more elongated than the rest and we recommend that you pay attention to this detail because it is possible that an Iberian ham does not have a black hoof and, on the contrary, a white pig has one. This way you will be able to tell them apart for sure!

Don't eat it cold.

To appreciate all the nuances of its flavor, it should ideally be consumed at room temperature. If you store the sliced ​​ham in the refrigerator, remember to take it out an hour before eating it to better appreciate the flavors.

However, if you have just cut it into slices, it is best to consume it within 10 minutes, because beyond this time the taste may change and the ham may take on a saltier touch. This is why the slices of Iberian ham are vacuum sealed, to prevent the flavor of the ham from changing upon contact with air.

Cover the whole Iberian ham with a cloth.

It is surely one of the practices that you have seen the most at home or what you do the most with your own ham. Well, we have to tell you that the ideal is to use the product's own crust to cover it once you are no longer going to cut it. As it is in contact with its fat, we avoid oxidation.

Why are hams hung...

You should know that we hang the hams to promote their ventilation, thus eliminating excess humidity and fat.

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