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The recycling of olive oil

Nov 28, 2022

Can you recycle olive oil?

Did you know that more than 150 million liters of used vegetable oils are generated each year in France? Among them, that of olive oil. But it also poses a serious problem for the environment when not recycled properly. This is why we want to explain here the options that exist for the reuse or disposal of this waste.

Recycling olive oil: why is it so necessary?

To give you an idea, one liter of used oil can contaminate up to 1,000 liters of fresh or salt water. The damage caused to the ecosystem into which it is introduced is very significant. This is the main reason why it should not be thrown down the sink under any circumstances.

What is recycled used olive oil used for?

It is very likely that on more than one occasion, you have placed your used olive oil left over from the kitchen in the recycling center. Just strain it and put it in a small plastic bottle. This oil, once collected by the municipal cleaning service, is processed industrially to transform it into biodiesel. A fuel that is used by many types of vehicles (mainly agricultural) and which helps reduce the use of petroleum-derived diesel. Therefore, it also leads to a decrease in pollution.

Other ways to recycle used olive oil

However, biodiesel generates polluting emissions into the atmosphere and worsens the greenhouse effect. This is why many people prefer to look for other ways to reuse their used olive oil. More environmentally friendly alternatives. Here are some examples :

Reuse olive oil : Olive oil can be reused. Filter it with a cotton strainer to remove impurities and store it in a clean container. When reusing, remember not to mix used oil with new olive oil.

Making soap: This is the most traditional use of used olive oil. It is made by saponification by mixing it with caustic soda. The result is a natural and ecological soap perfect for taking care of the skin of the whole family. We can also make detergent for washing clothes by hand or machine. You can make homemade soap with olive oil by following a few simple steps.

Make oil candles : Simply find a nice container, place a wire at the bottom to serve as a base for the wick and a cotton thread extending over the edge of the jar. Then add the used oil mixed with aromatic essential oil so that it smells good and that's it!

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