Alcalá Oliva

Jerez Vinegar PDO 250ML

€2,95 €11,80 / l
€2,95 €11,80 / l

Alcalá Oliva has selected this authentic sherry vinegar with designation of origin. It is obtained by acetic fermentation of wines and aged in oak barrels, according to traditional practices which give it its organoleptic and analytical characteristics as well as a brilliant amber-mahogany color.

Ingredients : 100% sherry vinegar (from the acetic fermentation of wine).

Tasting notes : intense but pleasant acetic aroma, slightly alcoholic, with intense notes of dried fruits, raisins, licorice and oak wood.

Directions for use : perfect for dressing salads, reductions, sauces and cold soups, such as gazpacho or salmorejo.

Storage : Store at room temperature, away from light and heat.