Castillo de Jijona

Pistachio turrón

€5,00 €25,00 / kg
€5,00 €25,00 / kg

This Pistachio Turron is made from an almond paste made from pistachio, it has a striking green color in which we find pieces of the same dried fruit. The result is a soft and creamy texture, with the presence of crunchy pistachio pieces that add a touch of unparalleled flavor and texture.

Pistachio turron is a real delight that combines the sweetness of almond paste with the crunchiness of pistachio pieces. This nougat is a true culinary treasure that offers a unique experience to the palate.

Pistachio nougat is the perfect choice for those looking for a combination of traditional flavors and a touch of sophistication in a single dessert.