Finca La Barca

Brava sauce with smoked paprika 110 gr.

€4,90 €44,55 / kg
€4,90 €44,55 / kg

Ingredients: Fried tomato (tomato, olive oil, sugar, salt and corn starch), fried onion (onion, olive oil and salt), water, extra virgin olive oil (10.8%), vinegar , wine, rice flour, garlic, spices, smoked paprika, flavorings and salt.

Salsa brava is a delicious sauce (one of Spain's flagship products) which comes with patatas Bravas, a must in the world of Spanish tapas. Be aware that if you prepare patatas bravas, but they are not served with its sauce, they will not really be considered potatoes bravas. Brava sauce is a hit among fans of Spanish cuisine.

That of the Finca la Barca brand is a little different, it is a Brava sauce with smoked paprika. Let yourself be tempted by this explosion of flavor and make the difference!

Salsa brava is a sauce of Spanish origin with a spicy touch provided by its most characteristic ingredient and which gives it its color, paprika.
It is a sauce originating from Madrid that has spread throughout Spain and is today very successful in Spain and abroad.

With what dish can brava sauce be used?

Originally, as previously said, this sauce was only used to season the recipe for patatas bravas, which bears the name of the sauce itself, but today its use has extended to a wide variety of dishes of all kinds, fish, meats, vegetables, sandwiches. There are many recipes online to discover one of the best sauces in the world.

How to order from an online grocery store?

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Patatas Bravas

An easy and delicious tapas to make at home to impress your visitors!