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BELLOTA sausage 100% Iberian DR1855 500 - 600 gr.

€25,00 €41,67 / kg
€25,00 €41,67 / kg

Taste the 100% Iberian BELLOTA Sausage DR1855, a tasty and succulent meat. This exquisite salami is made with 100% Iberian pork, making it a unique product rich in flavor. Enjoy the incredible flavor and exceptional quality!

Ingredients: 500-600 gram piece of 100% Iberian Bellota Sausage DR1855. Noble piece obtained from the lean meat of the cut of Iberian pigs fed on pure acorn.

This acorn-fed Iberian product from Los Pedroches comes from Iberian pigs raised in the pastures of Villanueva de Córdoba, with 100% Iberian purity. During the montanera period, the animals are fed exclusively on acorns and grass. It is made by hand and its maturation time is at least 36 months.