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Lomo BELLOTA 100% Iberian DR1855 500-600 gr.

€45,90 €76,50 / kg
€45,90 €76,50 / kg

Embark on a taste journey with this piece of 100% Iberian Bellota lomo DR1855. Enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience thanks to its intense flavor and aromas that will delight your taste buds. Let yourself be seduced by the softness, hold and rusticity of this unique product. Experience the authentic taste of 100% Iberian Lomo and BELLOTA!

Ingredients: Piece of 500-600 grams of 100% Iberian Bellota lomo DR1855. Magnificent piece of dried loin with excellent properties in terms of juiciness, aroma and flavor.

This acorn-fed Iberian product from Los Pedroches comes from Iberian pigs raised in the pastures of Villanueva de Córdoba, with 100% Iberian purity. During the montanera period, the animals are fed exclusively on acorns and grass. It is made by hand and its maturation time is at least 36 months.