Finca La Barca

Smoked olive oil pearls 50 gr.

€14,90 €298,00 / kg
€14,90 €298,00 / kg

In the form of caviar to give a unique touch to your dishes. Feel the explosion of flavor from our smoked oil with this innovative presentation.

Ideal for a finishing touch in cold dishes, mainly starters, salads, gazpacho, hummus, toasts, and even to include in vinaigrettes. On the other hand, it goes well with fish and meat, bringing presentation to the dish and above all the smoky touch so characteristic of our brand.

Ingredients : Smoked olive oil (85%), water, thickener: sodium alginate (E-401), stabilizer: calcium chloride (E-509) and emulsifier: polysorbate 20 (E-432).

50 gram bag