Castillo de Jijona

Touron Supreme with roasted peanuts 200 gr.

€5,00 €25,00 / kg
€5,00 €25,00 / kg

Peanut Turron is a variety of turrón that uses peanuts in place of the more traditional almonds. This type of nougat can have different textures and preparations, like other varieties of nougat, but it is mainly characterized by the distinctive taste of peanuts.

Typical peanut paste ingredients include:

Peanuts : These are usually roasted and can be whole, chopped or ground.
Sugar : used to sweeten nougat.
Honey : provides sweetness and a sticky texture.
Egg white: sometimes used as an emulsifier to bind ingredients.
Caramel : In some recipes, caramelized sugar is used to bind the peanuts together and give them a crunchy texture.

Preparing peanut paste can vary depending on the specific recipe, but it generally involves roasting peanuts and mixing them with a combination of heated sugar and honey to form a caramel. This mixture is cooked until it reaches the right consistency, then poured into molds to cool and solidify.

Peanut paste can be soft or hard, depending on the amount of caramel and how it is prepared. This is a delicacy that, although not as traditional as the turrón de Jijona or the turrón de Alicante, has gained popularity thanks to its unique taste and pleasant texture. It is particularly popular in certain regions and is enjoyed on various holidays and special occasions.

Peanut version of Jijona nougat, a quality nougat with a creamy texture and unique flavor. Made with peanuts and egg white.

INGREDIENTS : Roasted peanut (60%), sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, sunflower oil, egg white

200 gram bag
14.50€ / kilo