Castillo de Jijona

Turron with Jijona 200 gr.

€5,00 €25,00 / kg
€5,00 €25,00 / kg

Turron de Jijona is a variety of soft nougat, traditionally made in the town of Jijona (or Xixona), in the province of Alicante, Spain. This turrón is distinguished by its soft, pasty texture and its sweet, almondy taste.

The main ingredients of “turrón de Jijona” are:

Ground almonds : they are the main ingredient and give the nougat its characteristic taste and texture. We generally use Marcona almonds, a high quality variety.
Honey : used to sweeten and flavor.
Sugar : Complements the sweetness of honey.
Egg white : emulsifier, it helps bind the ingredients and obtain a creamy texture.

The preparation of turrón de Jijona involves roasting and grinding the almonds to obtain a fine paste. This paste is mixed with honey and sugar, then simmered. An egg white is added to emulsify and mix all the ingredients well. After cooking, the dough is left to cool and solidify, resulting in a nougat with a soft and homogeneous texture.

Jijona nougat is a traditional treat consumed especially during the Christmas holidays in Spain. It is appreciated both nationally and internationally for its unique quality and taste.

Nougat from Jijona Supreme quality guaranteed by the Regulatory Board of Protected Geographical Indications Jijona and Turrón de Alicante. Classic and artisanal variety whose origin, production and ingredients acquire the greatest importance.

INGREDIENTS : Toasted almond 64%, sugar, honey 10%, egg white.

200 gram bag