Castillo de Jijona

Turron Supreme with coconut 200 gr.

€4,00 €20,00 / kg
€4,00 €20,00 / kg

Coconut Turron is a variety of nougat that stands out for its coconut flavor and unique texture. This type of nougat is particularly popular in certain regions of Spain and during the Christmas holidays.

The main ingredients of coconut nougat are:

Grated coconut : this is the main ingredient that gives nougat its characteristic taste and texture.
Sugar : used to sweeten nougat.
Egg white : it acts as an emulsifier and helps bind ingredients.
Honey : in some recipes it is added to give more sweetness and a smoother texture.

Preparing coconut nougat involves mixing grated coconut with sugar and, in some recipes, honey. Egg whites are beaten and added to the mixture to bind the ingredients. The mixture is simmered until it reaches the desired consistency, then poured into molds to cool and solidify.

The result is a nougat with a smooth or slightly grainy texture, with a sweet and pronounced coconut taste. Coconut nougat is sometimes presented in the form of bars or blocks and can be decorated with grated coconut or a thin layer of chocolate to vary the flavors.

Coconut nougat, although not as traditional as Jijona or Alicante nougat, is a delicious option for coconut lovers and is a popular addition to the variety of Christmas sweets in Spain.

Coconut nougat is a product made from coconut. Of remarkable quality, this nougat made by Castillo de Jijona is one of the products with the most progress on the market. A sweet and tender coconut flavor makes this product a very delicious nougat appreciated by consumers.

INGREDIENTS : Coconut (45%), sugar, glucose syrup, water, moisturizer (glycerin), preservative (sorbic acid).

Bag of 200 grams