Castillo de Jijona

Turron with walnuts and milk cream 200 gr.

€5,00 €25,00 / kg
€5,00 €25,00 / kg

Turron de nata and walnuts is a type of turron, a traditional Spanish sweet, which is characterized by its smooth, creamy texture and sweet taste with a hint of nuts. This type of nougat is made from a mixture of cream, sugar and nuts, among other ingredients.

The main ingredients are usually as follows

Nata (cream): provides the creamy, rich base for the nougat.
Sugar: Used to sweeten and help create the right texture.
Nuts: they provide flavor and a crunchy texture that complement the creaminess of the cream.
Ground almonds: often added for consistency and to enrich flavor.
Egg whites: In some recipes, egg whites are used to bind the mixture.
The preparation of cream and nut nougat generally consists of heating and mixing these ingredients until a homogeneous mass is obtained, which is then left to cool and solidify in molds to form blocks or bars .

This turrón is particularly popular during the Christmas holidays in Spain and is one of the many variations of nougat available, which can range from hard and crunchy (like Alicante nougat) to softer and creamy (like Jijona).

For nut lovers, you will love this delicious and soft turrón of cream and nuts.

INGREDIENTS : Almond, walnuts (11%), water, whole milk powder, glucose syrup, cream powder, preservative (sorbic acid), cream flavor.

200 gram bag