Dehesas reunidas

Whole Bellota ham 6-8KG

€649,00 €82,15 / kg
€649,00 €82,15 / kg

100% Iberian Bellota pata negra ham.

Comes from free-range farms in the dehesas de los Pedroches between Andalusia and Extremadura, a region known for its quality of Iberian hams and cold meats.

The animals are raised in freedom and fed exclusively on root grasses, cereals and acorns (Bellotas). DR1855 pigs are pigs raised for a minimum of 18 months.

The maturation lasts approximately 4 years in natural cellars where all production is natural. This refining is far superior to that of other houses, which makes our product unique.

This is authentic bellota pata negra.

• 100% Iberian breed.
• Raised in the wild.
• Acorn feeding.

Whole Bellota ham approximately 8KG