Alcalá Oliva

Lemon flavored olive oil 250ML

€9,50 €38,00 / l
€9,50 €38,00 / l

This product was born from the experience of Alcala Oliva, which selects extra virgin olive oil and natural lemon flavor, with the ideal characteristics and proportions, resulting in a balanced oil. It is obtained through a rigorous process of mixing the ingredients that compose it, minimizing the handling of the raw material and controlling the variables of time, speed and mixing temperature. In this preparation, lemons give a culinary touch that you need. Olive oils flavored with citric fruits are a very popular seasoning, especially in Sicily, Italy.

Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil, natural lemon essential oil.

Tasting notes : fresh and intense citrus aroma with some herbaceous notes, slightly bitter.

Accompaniment: ideal for salads, vegetables, rice dishes, baked fish and certain meats, such as chicken skewers, and even pastries. This product, like other extra virgin olive oils, is a perfect seasoning that will give freshness to the preparation of carpaccios.

Storage : Store at room temperature, away from light and heat.


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