Ensaimada Lisa (natural)

€11,50 €30,26 / kg
€11,50 €30,26 / kg

Mallorca ensaimada is an iconic pastry originating from the island of Mallorca (Mallorca in Spanish), located in the Balearic archipelago in Spain. It is a pastry with a light, sweet and flaky dough, which has become an essential specialty of Majorcan cuisine and gastronomy.

This delicious pastry is made from leavened dough, kneaded with flour, sugar, eggs, milk and lard, thus giving a soft and soft texture at the same time. The dough is then stretched into thin strips, twisted into a spiral shape and arranged rolled up on itself to obtain its characteristic circular or spiral shape.

Ensaimada is traditionally dusted with icing sugar once cooked, providing a slightly crispy and sweet surface. It can be enjoyed plain or garnished with various toppings, such as custard, jam, almond paste, candied fruit or even chocolate.

Tasting Mallorcan ensaimada is often associated with special moments, notably at breakfast or as an accompaniment to a hot drink such as coffee or hot chocolate. Its airy texture and subtle flavor make it a pastry enjoyed by locals and visitors to the island, and it is often considered a gourmet souvenir from Mallorca.

Mallorcan ensaimada is not only appreciated for its delicate taste and light texture, but it also symbolizes the culinary heritage of the island, being an integral part of the Balearic gastronomic tradition.

Ingredients : Mother flour, Lard, Water, sugar, egg, yeast. May contain traces of dried fruit, milk, sulphites and fish.