Ensaimada of sobrasada

€12,95 €34,08 / kg
€12,95 €34,08 / kg

Ensaimada de sobrassada is a tasty variation on the traditional ensaimada, a Spanish pastry originating from the Balearic Islands. However, this particular type of ensaimada incorporates sobrassada, a Balearic charcuterie specialty.

Sobrassada is a type of sausage spread, made from ground pork, paprika, salt and sometimes other spices. It is characterized by a soft and creamy texture, with a slightly spicy and smoky flavor.

In ensaimada de sobrassada, the dough traditionally used for ensaimada is topped or stuffed with sobrassada before being baked. The soft and chewy dough of the ensaimada then combines with the intense and characteristic flavor of the sobrassada, creating a unique contrast between the light texture of the dough and the richness of the cold cuts.

This version of ensaimada offers a combination of sweet and savory flavors. It is often served as a snack or even an appetizer, allowing diners to experience the balance between the sweetness of the dough and the delicious flavor of the sobrassada.

Ensaimada de sobrassada is loved for its unusual yet delicious combination of sweet and savory, making it a unique taste experience for those who enjoy flavor contrasts in the same dish.

A sweet, fermented and baked dough, made from sourdough and lard, topped with sobrassada.

INGREDIENTS: WHEAT flour, lard (pure pork, hardener (E-471) and antioxidants (E-320, E-321)), sobrasada (20%) (ground pork (lean and bacon, antioxidants (E-320) and E-321)), EGG, yeast and bread improver (WHEAT flour and emulsifier E472e) May contain traces of: milk, soya and nuts.