Angel hair ensaimada

€12,95 €34,08 / kg
€12,95 €34,08 / kg

Ensaimada is a delicious traditional Spanish pastry, originating from the Balearic Islands, and is usually made from a leavened dough, similar to that used for pastries. However, angel hair ensaimada is a variation of this dessert that incorporates a special filling called "angel hair."

Angel hair, also known as "cabello de ángel" in Spanish, is made from thin strands of squash or fruit cider, cooked with sugar to obtain a delicate, slightly translucent and sweet jam. This topping is often used in various Spanish and Portuguese desserts.

So the angel hair ensaimada combines that delicious, sweet angel hair filling with the soft, flaky texture of the traditional ensaimada. The dough is usually braided or spiraled, then stuffed with the angel hair jam before being baked to a beautiful golden color.

This dessert features a sweet and slightly fruity flavor thanks to the angel hair jam, while the texture of the dough is soft on the inside with a deliciously crunchy outer crust. It is often sprinkled with icing sugar to add a final touch of sweetness.

Angel hair ensaimada is often enjoyed as a dessert or sweet snack, accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea, and is highly prized for its subtle flavors and light yet delicious texture. flaky.

Ingredients : Wheat flour, Lard, angel hair (20%), Water, sugar, egg, yeast and bread improver.

May contain traces of dried fruit, milk, sulphites and fish.