CAF'MER artisanal coffee - 100% Arabica Brazil

€7,90 €39,50 / kg
€7,90 €39,50 / kg

Artisanal coffee beans Caf'Mer , the one and only coffee in Collioure . Artisanal roasting made in the most famous village of the Vermilion Coast .

Bag of 200 grams of grain.

Brasil Red Bourbon Tatu 17/18

Region: Espiritu santo de Pinhal, São Paulo
Variety: Bourbon, red type.
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1000 to 1200 m
Tasting notes: Hazelnut, cocoa, sweet, caramel.
Rating: 84.25
Roasting degree: Medium

About the region:

Café Boavista de Espirito Santo do Pinhal is an exceptional selection of green coffee beans from the Baixa Mogiana region, located in the heart of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. This region is characterized by an average altitude of around 900 meters above sea level and fertile soils, ideal for growing coffee. Boavista coffee is produced with great care and a manual selection of ripe red Bourbon cherries is carried out, which gives the coffee increased sweetness and quality. These cherries are harvested at an altitude of around 1,100 meters, which has a positive influence on the acidity of the coffee. Boavista coffee stands out for being mainly natural type, although it can also contain a percentage of semi-washed coffee. The goal is to maintain a balanced cup profile, with a silky body and medium to high intensity. Its aroma is characterized by sweet, nutty and ripe fruit notes, which are found in its flavor, offering a unique and delicious tasting experience.

About Caf’Mer

Embark on a delicious journey with Caf'Mer's specialty coffee, a true testament to the art of small-batch coffee production. Made in limited quantities to preserve the ultimate in freshness, our 100% Arabica beans are ethically sourced from small producers around the world.

At Caf'Mer, we pride ourselves on devoting ourselves exclusively to specialty coffees, ensuring that each bean carries a distinguished rating of 80 points or more. Our commitment extends to celebrating single origin roasts, allowing you to explore the nuanced flavors coming from specific coffee growing regions.

Let yourself be seduced by the rich tapestry of our coffee, a harmonious blend of ethical sourcing, local craftsmanship and the authentic essence of single origin roasts. With Caf'Mer, your coffee experience expands: each cup is a celebration of quality, authenticity and the simple pleasure of sipping carefully selected coffee.