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Asparagus buds from Navarre 135 gr.

€4,50 €33,33 / kg
€4,50 €33,33 / kg

Ingredients : Asparagus buds, water, sea salt and antioxidant: citric acid.

Seasonal white asparagus buds directly from the producer. Famous for their unique flavor, our asparagus from the Navarre region is one of the best PDOs in the world. They are harvested and delivered in cans to maintain freshness and taste. Asparagus bud is a gourmet product from Navarre that can be eaten in salads or other vegetables with olive oil.

Fresh and natural, rich in vitamins and minerals. They contribute to a balanced diet while making your meal taste delicious!

How to use this gourmet product in the kitchen?

Asparagus buds. it is a product that is consumed cold. Ideal in salad, with tuna in olive oil, peppers or corn. The asparagus bud can also be enjoyed pureed or velouted.

Which one to choose?

The Navarra asparagus bud is one of the best that exists. Its flavor and taste are remarkable. But, there are also quality Asparagus in other regions of the world. If you want to taste a quality asparagus bud, don't hesitate!

And for delivery?

This gourmet product is available in stock in our warehouse near Perpignan. Delivery is possible in France and Europe. We offer different types of delivery. Available 24/48 hours or available at a relay point in 3/4 days.