Castillo de Jijona

Almonds stuffed with peanut nougat 150 gr.

€4,00 €26,67 / kg
€4,00 €26,67 / kg

Savor these almonds stuffed with peanut nougat, to enjoy a unique and delicious taste. These crunchy almonds are made with a fresh almond base, coated in a rich peanut nougat.

Ingredients: Nougat (90%): [roasted PEANUTS (60%), sugar, sunflower oil, EGG white], wafer: [wheat flour, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) ].

150 gram bag

In what category is this turrón classified?

Both almonds stuffed with peanut nougat and almonds stuffed with nougat can be included in the category of Nougats. Certainly, this product is not a turrón but contains some.

When to eat this dessert?

The season for eating nougat or turrone is Christmas, but this product can be eaten all year round. It is a dessert that keeps very well, especially the turrons which are made exclusively with honey and almonds. For those of chocolate, its shelf life is a little shorter, especially during the summer.

What type of turron is there?

Spanish nougats or turrón exist in different tastes. The 2 traditional ones are: Alicante and Jijona (hard and soft) which are made from almonds and honey. Over time we incorporated other ingredients such as chocolate, coconut, other dried fruits, peanuts, peanuts with salt, fruits and even pistachio.