The city of Jijona

Jijona is a great place to escape and relax. This small town boasts spectacular panoramic landscapes, rugged mountains, picturesque rivers, and a rich and varied cuisine that will delight the taste of any visitor.

Festivals and stories:

In the second half of August, the Moors and Christians festivals take place, dedicated to the city's patron saints: San SebastiΓ‘n and San BartolomΓ©. This festive trilogy in Jijona has been documented since the mid-18th century. As the "heladores" cannot participate in the city's patronal festivals, which take place in summer, since 1978, the Moors and Christians of the "Heladores" celebrate them during the second half of February. Among the most popular celebrations is Holy Week, two days of festivities during which the traditional "mona" is eaten and the catxerulo (kite) is flown. In the past, Corpus Christi was another popular holiday in which locals decorated the streets with their household clothes and hung their characteristic β€œmonots” or dolls on the doors of their houses.

The nougat:

It is a very characteristic Christmas dessert of the season, since it is characterized by the mixture of ground almonds and honey, which gives it its characteristic consistency and very pasty texture.

Regarding the origin of "turrΓ³n", there is historical evidence of the existence of the candy in the town of Sexona (today Jijona) as early as the 16th century. In fact, it was the Arabs who introduced this popular treat and spread its recipe and ingredients.

On the other hand, it is believed that already in Greek times a paste was prepared based on nuts (mainly almonds) and honey. In theory, this product was used by Greek athletes as an energy product for their participation in the Olympic Games.


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