History of Spanish Nougats

Is Nougat really Spanish?

The history of turrón dates back several centuries in Spain. The exact origin of turrón is uncertain, but it is generally accepted that this confectionery was introduced to Spain during the period of Moorish rule, which lasted from 711 to 1492.

The word "turrón" comes from the Arabic word "torrat", which means grilled or toasted. It is likely that the Arabs brought their know-how in almond-based confectionery to Spain, where this tradition has continued over the centuries.

Turrón was originally made from honey and almonds, two ingredients abundant in Spain. Over time, the recipes were refined and new flavors and textures were added. In the 19th century, the production of turrón became a commercial activity in its own right, with specialist companies beginning to produce industrial quantities of this confectionery.

Today, turrón is a popular confectionery throughout Spain, but it is particularly associated with the Alicante and Jijona regions, where the tradition of making turrón dates back centuries. Turrón is also exported around the world and is often considered a Spanish gastronomic gift.


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