Making Spanish Nougats

Here are the basic steps for making traditional Spanish turrón:

  1. Roasting almonds: Almonds are roasted in an oven to give them a golden color and characteristic flavor. Roasting can be done dry or with the addition of a small amount of oil to facilitate roasting.

  2. Cooking honey and sugar: Honey and sugar are heated together in a pan until the mixture reaches the temperature of 145 to 150 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature needed to achieve the desired consistency.

  3. Adding almonds: Roasted almonds are added to the honey and sugar mixture and mixed well.

  4. Pouring into molds: The mixture is then poured into rectangular molds, often covered with food paper to facilitate unmolding.

  5. Cooling and hardening: The molds filled with turrón are left to cool and harden for several hours.

For soft turrón, beaten egg whites are usually added to give a softer and fluffier texture. Other ingredients such as dried fruits or chocolate can also be added to the recipe according to personal preferences.

The making of turrón is an artisanal activity that has been passed down from generation to generation in Spain, although there are also industrial companies specializing in the production of turrón in large quantities.


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