Almeria and Cordoba

What does the Almeria region bring?

The region of Améria is located in the southeast of Spain, in Andalusia, and its capital is the city of Almería. It has a coastline of 200 kilometers of beaches that belong to the Mediterranean Sea.

Its nature is characterized by the combination of sea and desert and by having one of the most fertile orchards of the whole continent. The natural parks of Sierra María-Los Vélez stand out, with its castle, and that of Cabo de Gata-Níjar, with vast virgin beaches and cliffs.

What does the Cordoba region bring?

The province is mainly divided into three geographical areas: the Sierra Morena in the north, the Betic Depression in the center and La Campiña in the south.[3] The climate is of the continental Mediterranean type with temperatures in the capital ranging from 9.2°C in January to 27.2°C in July and August, which often exceed 40°C. Rainfall in the capital is recorded from 600 to 750 mm per year. It is concentrated from October to April.


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