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Spanish croquetas: a delicious culinary tradition to discover

May 21, 2023

Spanish croquetas, or croquettes in French, are an integral part of traditional Spanish cuisine. These little bites, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, are enjoyed throughout Spain and are often served as tapas or as an accompaniment to main dishes. Let's discover together the origin of these delicious croquetas and the different types that exist.

Origin of Spanish croquetas:

The exact origin of Spanish croquetas remains unclear, but it is estimated that they were introduced to Spain during the 19th century. They were probably inspired by French croquettes, which were already popular at the time. However, the Spanish have put their own twist on this culinary specialty by using local ingredients and creating unique variations.

Ingredients and preparation:

Spanish croquetas are traditionally prepared using a thick béchamel sauce to which different ingredients are added for flavor. Some of the most commonly used ingredients include serrano ham, chicken, seafood (like cod or shrimp), mushrooms, spinach, and cheese. Once the béchamel has been prepared and cooled, it is shaped into small portions, breaded with egg and breadcrumbs, then fried until a nice golden color.

The different types of Spanish croquetas:

Spanish croquetas come in a multitude of flavors and ingredient combinations. Here are some of the most popular varieties:

  1. Croquetas de jamón serrano: These croquettes are prepared with chopped serrano ham, which gives them an intense and salty flavor. They are often served as tapas in Spanish bars.
    Croquetas de Jamón – Spanish cuisine (cuisinedespagne.fr)

  2. Croquetas de pollo: Chicken croquettes are a classic variation, prepared with cooked and crumbled chicken meat. They are often accompanied by an aioli sauce or tomato sauce.
    Croquetas de Pollo – Spanish cuisine (cuisinedespagne.fr)

  3. Croquetas de mariscos: These seafood croquettes are made with mixed seafood, such as cod, shrimp, squid or mussels. They offer a delicious flavor combination and are popular in coastal regions.
    Croquetas de Bacalao – Spanish cuisine (cuisinedespagne.fr)

  4. Croquetas de setas: Mushroom croquettes are very popular in Spain, especially during mushroom season. They are made with different types of sautéed mushrooms and offer a rich, earthy flavor.
    Croquetas de ceps – Spanish cuisine (cuisinedespagne.fr)

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