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The use of olive oil in cooking

Oct 09, 2023

Culinary techniques with olive oils

Olive oils can be used both raw and hot, but... Do you know the name of each of the cooking techniques in which they are used? Today we offer you a theoretical course so that you can know them in depth!

Cold application of olive oils


Culinary technique generally used in its raw state which consists of mixing spices and other condiments, including extra virgin olive oil, in order to enhance or strengthen the flavor of a product.



Culinary technique which consists of immersing ready-to-eat foods in olive oil, such as cheese, loins of fresh cooked meat, sausages, etc. to extend their shelf life.

Smoking or smoke

Smoking is a culinary technique that involves smoking foods to give them different flavors, colors and textures, depending on the recipe. Almost any food can be smoked. This technique originated in the past to preserve food and is still used today to preserve and enjoy the special flavor of smoking.

Application of hot olive oils


Dip food in hot olive oil until cooked on the inside and golden on the outside.



Technique used to cook food in its own juice, accompanied by a small quantity of extra virgin olive oil and at a very low temperature. This is a very similar technique to sautéing, but with temperature differences. When you sauté a food, you cook it over low heat, without browning it.

Jumped up

Cooking technique in which the cooking temperature with olive oil is high and the time very short. It is used for foods that require little cooking or have already been cooked, such as shellfish, shelled crustaceans or green beans.


Cooking technique based on cooking in a closed environment with dry heat, extra virgin olive oil and the possibility of adding a small amount of moisture or liquid. The most representative example is the traditional roast chicken.


Technique consisting of immersing meat or fish in a liquid element, composed of spices, extra virgin olive oil, spirit liquid... for a more or less long period. Marinated pork ribs are an example.



This technique consists of cooking raw foods at very low temperature in olive oil to obtain a more supple and gelatinous texture. Cod or chicken confit is a good example.

There are several ways to cook with olive oil, but the most important thing is the quality of it. Try to use a good olive oil before cooking with it.

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