Sardines in organic olive oil 120 gr. Sea bread

€3,50 €29,17 / kg
€3,50 €29,17 / kg

Sardines (Sardina pilchardus W.) from sustainable and controlled fishing, cleaned by hand, steamed and packaged with first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from certified organic farming.

Sardines are caught with bolinches by artisanal fishermen from the coasts of the Bay of Biscay (FAO Zone VIII. bc). Bolinche fishing allows selective capture to avoid overfishing and the discarding of species of no commercial value. This fishing means for fishermen a traditional means of living and economic support to support their families. Sardine fishing in the North-East Atlantic (Bay of Biscay) is carried out under the rules and control of the fishing authorities of the European Union.

Spanish Agency for the Control of Organic Production: ES-ECO-022-GA.Transformation of organic ingredients and fishing traceability controlled and certified by BCS Öko-Garantie.Product complies with European regulation EU 834/2007 art.23.

Ingredients : Sardines : 75%, extra virgin olive oil*: 24%, sea salt. (*: from certified organic farming). Gluten-free product

Net weight: 120 gr.

Drained weight: 90 gr.